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Fill-in Form!

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Fill-in Form! Empty Fill-in Form!

Post  Chronos 01.07.10 15:10

Welcome young trainer! To get started in the huge world of Pokemon, you must first fill in this form so we can know a little bit about yourself.

Your name:

Your age:

Which city you come from: Pallet Town, New-Bark Town, Littleroot Town or Twinleaf Town

Physical description: What is your character wearing, his/her hair, eyes color, accessories, etc. Must fit approximatly with your avatar though!

Psychological description: Your character's way of thinking, how could he/she react to things, how does he/she treats his/her pokemon, etc.

History: A brief overview of your past until now.

Be imaginative! Be creative! We await your subscriptions!

Every trainer gets a starter bundle of:

- 3000 pkcash
- 1 potion
- 1 pokeball
- Badge Case
- Pokedex
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