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Fill-in Form!

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Fill-in Form! Empty Fill-in Form!

Post  Chronos 02.07.10 13:00

Welcome young coordinator! To get started in the huge world of Pokemon, you must first fill in this form so we can know a little bit about yourself.

Your name:

Your age:

Which city you come from: Pallet Town, New-Bark Town, Littleroot Town or Twinleaf Town

Physical description: What is your character wearing, his/her hair, eyes color, accessories, etc. Must fit approximatly with your avatar though!

Psychological description: Your character's way of thinking, how could he/she react to things, how does he/she treats his/her pokemon, etc.

History: A brief overview of your past until now.

Pokemon: The coodinator can start with ONE pokemon. Of course, if you do so, you must explain how you got it in your history and how strong is your bound to it. Or you can wait to get one from the nearest professor.

N.B. If you begin with a pokemon, it cannot be more than level 10, unless you've already have a different profile/character that has completed either the gym leaders and league of a (1) region, or the contests and grand contest of a (1) region.

Be imaginative! Be creative! We await your subscriptions!

Every coordinator gets a starter bundle of:

- 3000 pkcash
- 1 potion
- 1 pokeball
- Ribbon Case
- Pokedex
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