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Ivy Plantia

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Ivy Plantia Empty Ivy Plantia

Post  ButterflySpirit 04.07.10 16:04

Your name: Ivy Plantia

Your age: 16

Which city you come from: Ivy was born and raised in Twinleaf Town.

Physical description: She stands at 5'5''. She has leaf green hair in which the end reaches just at her shoulders. Her eyes are a deep violet color and her skin is just slightly kissed by the sun. She wears a pinkish-reddish scarf around her neck. She caries a brown, leather satchel to carry her stuff. A black dress and black pantyhose covers her upper body and her legs. Around her waist is a gold chain belt and around her left wrist Ivy wears two white bracelets. A pair of black boots finishes off her entire outfit.

Psychological description: Ivy's timid nature results in a lack of personality, but she is a sweet soul. She's shy and intelligent, bringing home perfect grades. Overflowing with imagination, she remains closed in her own little world of dreams and fantasy where no one can disturb her. Her soothing voice is seldom heard, often spending time alone and never encountering a single friend in her entire life. She can usually be found practicing the piano or composing music, exploring the library, or drawing and painting. Always putting others before herself, she tries to please everyone, but deep inside is longing to find happiness and a true friend. Her motto is "Don't claim premature victory."

History: Ivy always wanted to become a Pokémon coordinator ever since she was 6 years old. Blessed with artistic talent, Ivy is a gifted young pianist with an angelic, soprano voice to match. She is an only child, born and raised in Twinleaf Town. Practicing the piano from night until dawn, her delicate fingers flow across the keys automatically, knowing exactly which key to hit and where the next one will be like a programmed computer. The piano is treasured in her heart, but she longs to pursue a career in Pokemon coordinating. She thought she can show off some of her talent with her Pokémon on the stage where she knows she belongs.

Pokemon: A female Altaria nicknamed Sky.

How Ivy met Altaria:

It was a Sunday morning. Ivy was practicing for a performance at the Twinleaf Festival. She kept stroking the ivory keyboard on her piano until she got the right tune. She sung in her soprano voice along with the tune she was creating with her dancing fingers. Now and then Ivy would stop to take a few deep breaths and relax her aching fingers, but she would get right back to practicing. A few hours passed and she finally got the tune down on her piano and a beautiful song to match the rhythm of her melody. She got up off her chair and started to dance around the room, singing the melody. The Twinleaf Festival was going to commence in an hour!

Ivy quickly got ready for her Twinleaf Festival debut was about to start in just a half an hour! After she got dressed she quickly ate her dinner and was out the door. She made it to the opening ceremonies just in time for she was about to go on stage!

Showtime! Ivy sat down comfortably in a chair next to a piano and said a few words of how grateful she is to preform in the Festival. She sung her melody and stroked each piano key with careful precision. The audience was moved by the music that Ivy was creating.

Up in the sky a group of Swablu were being led by an Altaria. Altaria heard Ivy's soprano voice and it felt like it should sing back. So Altaria ordered the Swablu to fly to the nearest tree while it went down to see who was making that beautiful music. Altaria found the stage and swooped in landing delicately next to Ivy. Ivy was almost done with her song. She played her last note on her piano and she stood up and carefully walked to the center of the stage. She continued to sing the last line of her song. The Altaria who came for a visit started to sing along matching the tone of Ivy's voice. once the last word left Ivy's mouth she took a bow and then stood up proud. Altaria bowed as well and then put her head down and offered Ivy a chance to feel her blue feathers. As soon as Ivy stroked the feathers,Altaria quickly flew behind Ivy and lifted her up in the air. The audience applauded and Ivy felt a connection to Altaria.

A few weeks passed and during that time Altaria and Ivy bonded. Ivy nicknamed her Altaria Sky and they have done a lot together. One day Ivy decided it was time to take her talent to a new place. She remembered her old dream, to become a Pokémon Coordinator. She talked over with Sky and she agreed. So with that they bonded even closer and they were ready to show the world what they got!

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Ivy Plantia Empty Re: Ivy Plantia

Post  Chronos 06.07.10 0:06

Extremely good, miss Plantia! Your avatar matches exactly your description, and an Altaria is a very good start for a coordinator indeed! Wink I promise Sinnoh will be soon updated so you can get out of Twinleaf the fastest possible! Meenwhile, have fun on Pokemon Atlas!

welcome to POKEMONATLAS!

You can go see Prof. Rowan in Twinleaf to get your starter bundle!

Here's your pokemon:

Ivy Plantia Emespr334
Lvl 10
Ability: Natural Cure the Pokemon's status is healed when withdrawn from battle
- Pluck
- Sing
- Astonish
- Peck

[size=9]Lvl [b]10[/b]
Ability: [b]Natural Cure[/b] the Pokemon's status is healed when withdrawn from battle
[i]-[color=cyan] Pluck[/color]
- Sing
- [color=indigo]Astonish[/color]
- [color=cyan]Peck[/color][/i][/size]

I'm giving you the whole code, but actually, it is better that your oponnents don't see the moves of your competing pokemon. So if you want to put your pokemon as a signature, I suggest you only put its image and (if you want) level.

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