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Post  Chronos 02.07.10 13:28

As you know, you all will be having one or many more companions along your journey. Now let's see how you must get along with them.

Recieving a Pokemon
1. Wether you are a trainer, a coordinator, a mischief, or any other kind of faction, you are not allowed to roam around the world with no pokemon. That is why, getting your first pokemon is the first thing you should do! The trainer gets his/hers from the nearest professor of his hometown. The coordinator either gets it from the professor or already has on in his/her possession. The mischief recieves it from the executive of his/her team at the team's base. Nurse Joy gets it from the nearest PokeCenter from her hometown (must be a pokemon that knows a healing move). Officer Jenny gets it from the Police Base (usually being a hound-type pokemon).
2. You can choose to name your pokemon or not.

Encountering and catching a Pokemon
1. Of course, you will want to expend your team to battle or enter 2-on-2 contests. First of all, you need a pokeball. Pokeballs are little red and white sphere balls that catch and contain pokemons. There are many kind of pokeballs you'll find in Pokemarts or, if you're lucky, on the floor! Next, you need a pokemon able to battle.
2. Now that you're ready, you will want to go in the wilderness to capture a roaming pokemon. You can either go on routes, in caves, abandonned buildings or forests to encounter many types of pokemon. You must let an NPC (moderator or admin) choose the appearing pokemon. You cannot choose by yourself. Of course, you can give us hints like
"Joey wandered in the Ilex forest. He really hoped to get a Weedle this time!" but it doesn't mean that your wish will be granted. Also, if you want certain types of pokemon, you should go where you're more likely to get the type of pokemon you want. For example, if you want a rock pokemon, you should probably go to the Dark Caves or the Mountains.
3. Now that you encountered your pokemon, you must battle it - without making it totally faint - to earn its confidence. The battle goes like this:
- First, you take out a pokemon to battle.
- Then, you make it do a move.
- Now, you must let the interacting NPC make the wild pokemon's move.
Also, no ONE-LINE messages such as
"Ashley sent out her Jumpluff. Ashley said: Jumpluff, cotton spore!" Be a little more descriptive, like describe jumpluff making its move, etc.
4. When the wild pokemon gets tired (you will know it from the NPC), you can now use your pokeball to capture it. Of course, you can try using the ball even if the pokemon is not tired yet, but you will not be guaranteed a capture.

Training your pokemon
1. Now that you have a new pokemon, you will want to train it so it learns new moves and increases power. To do so you need...
2. To find a good place to train. Sometimes the weather or terrain can affect the pokemon's training, so choose wisely. There are also some parks and rooms some city or towns have that allows you to train right before a competition or a gym battle.
3. To make a long post (over 10 lines) so your pokemon improves.
4. An NPC rarely interferes with a training. Usually, the trainer do so him/herself with his/her pokemon. Though he/she must be vigilant! A pokemon can rarely succeed a training in one or two tries. You must make your pokemon train hard! (That's where the min. 10 lines come from What a Face )

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