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Post  Chronos 02.07.10 1:40

In this forum, you have the choice of becoming a trainer, a coordinator, a mischief, a Nurse Joy, an Officer Jenny and a gym leader. As you may have noticed, I said and not or. Yep! In fact you may become more than one at once! But let's get started with who's who.

The Trainer
One of the most common factions in the pokemon world, the trainer's first goal is to become the best. Quite simple, ey? Not that simple to achieve, I say. The trainer must initially get his/her first pokemon at the lab of his hometown. Then, he/she will be given a starter's bundle to commence his journey. The trainer must go from city to city, collecting gym badges and finally achieving the pokemon league of his/her region. Then, if he/she wants to prove him/herself as a true legendary trainer, he/she will compete through all the regions of the pokemon atlas (meaning Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh). Of course, very rare are those who got through all of the badges and leagues. It needs time and patience, and, most of all, belief!
So, a little technicality wrap-up:
- Get your pokemon from the nearest lab
- Recieve a starter's bundle from the professor
- Train your pokemons for battle
- Collect gym badges (from 1rst to 8th, in ascending order)
- Beat the pokemon leagues
- CAN be a Coordinator (at the same time)
- CAN become a Gym Leader
- CAN become a Mischief (by throwing away all his/her badges and not being a trainer anymore)
- CANNOT be a Breeder
- CANNOT be a Mischief
- CANNOT be a nurse Joy
- CANNOT be an officer Jenny

The Coordinator
When the pokemon contests appered in Sinnoh, all the other regions decided to give it a shot. The coordinators appeared everywhere throughout the world and became a faction of itself! The pokemon coordinator trains pokemon, not initially for battle techniques, but for what the moves look like. They combine attacks to make impressive appeals and win ribbons. A pokemon coordinator is very respected for it knows how to assemble the art of beauty and battle together.
Here's the little wrap-up:
- The pokemon coordinator can start with his/her own pokemon (JUST ONE!), or get it from the nearest lab
- Recieve a starter's bundle from the nearest contest or professor
- Train your pokemon to coordinate moves
- Collect ribbons (5 in all, but no specific order)
- Beat the pokemon Grand Festival
- CAN be a Trainer (at the same time)
- CAN become a Gym Leader
- CAN be a Mischief (at the same time)
- CANNOT be a Breeder
- CANNOT be a nurse Joy
- CANNOT be an officer Jenny

The Mischief
Either belonging to the Team Rocket, Team Aqua/Magma or Team Galactic, the mischief must follow the goal of its team, wether it's for stealing other's pokemon or forcing legendary creatures to wake up. The mischief can disguise him/herself to appear as any other person (of course, your level of disguise depends on how a well-trained mischief you are). Also, the mischief doesn't have its own pokemon, he/she always borrows it from the Executive.
Isn't that text long? Wrap-up!
- The mischief doesn't actually own a pokemon, he borrows it from the team he/she is in
- The mischief belongs to ONE team: Rocket, Aqua/Magma or Galactic
- The mischief will participate to the events of "Team Strikes"
- The mischief levels up by ranking and he begins as an Agent Jr. (under 16) or Rookie (16+)
- His/her goal is the one of his/her team
- CAN be a Coordinator
- CAN be a Breeder
- CANNOT be a Trainer
- CANNOT become a Gym Leader
- CANNOT be a nurse Joy
- CANNOT be an officer Jenny

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