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Zero Maverick

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Post  Eternalityx 26.05.15 17:07

Zero Maverick
Sootopolis City

Physical Description of Zero:
(From another person's point of view)
Zero has white hair, slightly silver hued and he's rocking
a soft blood-red wool hat. His blouson is also similar red
colored. He carries a darker red bag on his shoulder, with
spots for two pokéballs to hang outside. He has fingerless
grey gloves for some hand protection. Jeans are icy white
as is his slightly ripped cloak, which he values very much.
Lastly he has a light tan belt and basic dark red shoes.

Psychological Description of Me, Zero:
My pokémon types of choice have always been Ice and Dark,
that is mostly because of how my brain functions, I seem
to be able to keep my cool, unintentional pun, in the most
heated of situations, it's difficult to throw me off of my
focus. Calm and focused as I would describe, but there is
one characteristic of mine which mixes things up a little.
Slyness. In battles especially, I always start thinking of
ways to make my opponents act so they come straight
for my traps and get suprised by my tricks. This also
makes my shows as a coordinator very exciting. To my
demise I do have a tend to shut down by my own mistakes
which I take hard on myself. Pokémons are companions,
weak or strong, it doesn't matter as long as they have the
cool factor. I won't capture a pokémon I don't see myself
using, saving both of us from unneeded goodbyes.

My History:
I was born in Sootopolis City and I have been living there
for my whole life. Wallace was my personal hero, until I got
to meet with him. I won a aspiring pokémon coordinator's
tournament in the city, it's main prize was a meet-up and
a training session with Wallace himself. As I told Wallace
my dream of becoming Sootopolis' next top coordinator,
he coldly shot me down, mocking my bond with my dark
and ice pokémon, lecturing me about the gracefulness of
water pokémon. I left the training with tears running down
my cheeks and chocking with anger. I left for the Shoal
Caves, and staid there for three weeks straight. While there
my whole old me was molded to my present form. Scrap
all that being sweet and playful, I learned to be calm, sly
and sturdy. I returned home at my 17th birthday, my folks
were glad but I couldn't find a way to smile back at them.
Ever since I have practically lived at the Shoal Caves training
with hopes to once be victorious against Wallace.

Crunch, my trusted Snorunt I met at the age of six. My father
brought an ill Snorunt home one day when he was out hiking
in the Shoal Caves. I found the required berry to heal the
Snorunt from Sootopolis trash bin, after recovering fully of
it's illness, the Snorunt didn't want to leave my side and since
then we have been practicing to win all the contests held in
Hoenn. Snorunt and I cannot be parted, ever! Crunch knows
four moves as of now, thanks for our intense training. Our first
training together gave me the suprise of noticing that Crunch
had an unusual move at his posession, Weather Ball. I researched
it and came to a conclusion that Crunch had to have a Castform,
Roserade or a Vanilluxe as his father, it made me think of him
as his even more special than before. It's other three moves
include Powder Snow, Leer and Hail, which I taught him by TM.
Me and Crunch had the greatest bonding session of all time when
we decided to challenge ourselves to survive in Shoal Caves for
2 months with no items or food as we left. You can still find our
secret base where we staid for the time being if you are really
sharp eyed. (Crunch's ability is, if possible, Moody, like he is by
nature, one minute happy and joyful and in an instant ready to
pounce the first person walking by. Otherwise Ice Body will do
just fine.)

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